All there is to know about, my room, script and bot.

What is ? is a website with which you can share music in communities.
New to plug ? Find help here.

My Room

In there, we mostly listen to EDM (Electro Dance Music).
You can find the full list of rules here.


Plug-It is a script for Plug.
At first, I've made a custom CSS in order to reduce the amount of purple, now it's a complete script !
It has quite a lot of features, a full changelog is available.
You can install it either with the chrome extension, user-script or with the bookmark : Plug-It.
If you need help, this should have all the answers.

My Bot

MarvinBot, it's he's name. Why MarvinBot ? Watch "The hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy" (H2G2 in short) and you'll understand.
Right now, the bot is hosted by me and using BasicBot.
Although it's mostly BasicBot, it's also customised, which means it can execute room-specific commands.
I'm expecting to make my own bot someday but i'm focusing on the script for the moment.